My Uncle Made Me Make a Blog

So already, we’re off to a rough start.

  1. Because you’ve ended up in my corner of the internet. (And it’s not the fun corner located on Wattpad where you could read an atrocious 14-year-old’s angst.)
  2. Because I lied to you.

Yes, lied. My uncle really didn’t “make” me write this blog. He just slapped a grade on it and assigned one of my closest friends to be my accountability demon. She’s the one coercing me into writing this right now, by narrowing her eyes and pursing her lips.

And here we are.

I’ll try to remain consistent. Not going to lie (again…haha), it’ll be rough but feasible. I’m hoping to compile a jumble of short stories, character ideas and most of all create something entertaining for people to read.


Your friendly, neighborhood, dumpster fire.