• jamie ballerini

    jamie ballerini

    My name is Jamie Ballerini. I am a Commercial Pilot, Real Estate Investor, Commercial Fisherman, Car and Boat enthusiast

  • Abigailplitt


    Music is a powerful tool we have to be able to connect with others. My goal is simply to connect with people and help them learn about other music groups.

  • Terry Bradley

    Terry Bradley

    Trying to remain interesting by staying interested. I’m a student of writing and a seeker of truth, whatever that is.

  • Charles Zinn

    Charles Zinn

    Stories on video games, and diving into philosophy behind them. Check out new posts every Saturday!

  • Katie Stoneback

    Katie Stoneback

    I am a college student writing the stories behind some of the strange and inexplicable things I hear on campus, solely for your amusement.

  • Daniel Williams

    Daniel Williams

    A poverty-stricken, soft Batman by night. Illustrator and writing teacher by day. Previously: McSweeney’s, Slackjaw.

  • Tvst O Re

    Tvst O Re

    ear is most commonly an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real.

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